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From the Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA

Fellow residents,

 A word from the Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA Chairman – Werner Nolte

I have been requested to provide you with an interim report of the state of affairs of the Estate and ZHOA. I deem the following aspects of some relevance.

1. Security Upgrades:

1.1 Security upgrade plan

My thanks to my co-director in charge of the Estate's security portfolio, Eugene Du Toit, and to our Security and Operations Manager, Morné Lindeque for preparing and finalizing a detailed Security Assessment and Upgrade Plan. Key features of this plan are identifying weaknesses in Estate security, the associated risk, prioritizing corrective measures and costing such measures. The plan is intended to cater for short-, medium- and long-term corrective measures, spanning over more than one financial year.

Our assessment found the Northern Perimeter of the Estate as a priority, along with certain camera upgrades.

I confirm that the security expenditure provision of R 1 500 000.00 will predominantly be exhausted in the current financial year and will primarily be allocated to perimeter fence upgrades, biometric reader upgrades and camera upgrades. Please note that the board will henceforth publish monthly management reports detailing, inter alia, capital and security expenditure as above.

1.2 Northern Perimeter of Estate:

Residents will note that the electric fence on the northern border of the Estate is being upgraded. These upgrades form part of the R 1 500 000.00 approved security upgrade expenditure. The improved fence will run from the edge of the Northern boundary at the Old Johannesburg Road, along Sarazen View, up to and including the property owned by Bicacon, adjacent to Nelson Woods. There the fence will turn South running between the Phase 4 undeveloped area up to the golf course, to then extend between the golf course and Phase 4 up to the existing boundary fencing of the neighboring properties not forming part of the Estate. Once Phase 4 and 5 are developed the fence between the golf course and said phases will probably have to be removed as the developer requires open access to the golf course.

1.3 Southern Perimeter of Estate:

Members raised a query at the AGM as to who is responsible for the upkeep, improvement and maintenance of the Southern Side of the Estate. Having considered the existing servitudes registered against the title deeds of the golf course properties and a subsequent co-operation agreement entered into by and between the ZHOA and golf course owner it is clear that all boundary improvements (for example electric fences) are to be maintained by the ZHOA. It is for this reason that previous boards decided to not spend an inordinate amount of money on perimeter fence upgrades on the Southern side. Flooding is also a problem with fence upgrades on the Southern side. Residents will note that we have posted extra guards on the Southern boundary as additional protection. Other steps have been taken to hinder unauthorized access. In this newsletter we will not deal with all precautions taken due to the sensitive nature of security information. It is noted that the Golf Course owner's contribution to security and maintenance is in the form of the ZHOA residents' social levies, paid over to the ZHOA.

1.4 Cameras:

Due to weaknesses identified, it was at this stage decided to reconfigure the existing cameras to ensure more appropriate control effectiveness. The costs of future additional and/or upgraded cameras and platforms will have to be met by future approved capital expenditure programs.

1.5 Biometrics:

The biometrics at all gates is in the process of being upgraded. Several integration problems with certain residents' fingerprints were identified pre-installation of the new fingerprint readers. It seems that this problem already existed in our current system and the new fingerprint readers will only be installed once these problems have been resolved. We ask your patience as our security manager is trying to sort out these problems.

1.6 Gate entrances:

Gate entrances are a major concern, but proposed upgrades need to take into account the limited space within which to affect any upgrades, the exorbitant costs and the actual effectiveness of any proposed upgrades. Most attacks that have occurred at gated complexes the past two to three months have occurred outside of the entrances to an estate, just as an entrant approaches the entrance gate or wishes to access the relevant gated estate. We have put in place various systems to allow immediate alarm by guards, but residents must at all times remain vigilant. Future plans entail potential structural changes that will have the purpose of ring-fencing the security guard house from outside entry.

1.7 Guards:

A number of new guards have been appointed over a period of time and residents will see roving guards patrolling and watching critical areas on the Estate.

2. Future Developments

i) Phases 4 and 5: The developer of these phases has made proposals that do not include formally incorporating these phases into the ZHOA. Due to the complex nature of the proposed development and the creation of no less than 4 body corporates plus an own HOA for these body corporates, the developer has suggested an agreement be entered into which would have similar outcome and effects to incorporation. The developer has various options in mind and seeks agreement with the ZHOA for the future mutual benefit of the ZHOA and further developments adjacent to the golf course. I have requested the developer to pen his thoughts on these issues and subsequently his views form part of this newsletter (see section below).

ii) The developer of phases 4 and 5 has, as part of the proposed arrangements, suggested that a perimeter fence (integrated with our boundaries) and security processes be installed on the boundary to Ashwood, the southern side residences and roads facing private residences not forming part of the Estate, once a fence on the boundary of the golf course is removed. The current fence on the boundary walls of phases 4 and 5 facing Ashwood is not operative and for this reason the current ZHOA electric fencing will be upgraded as aforestated. The developer has indicated that the boundary fencing of Ashwood will be upgraded in future and that once the 300 plus units development is complete, a 24 hour manned access gate will be installed, which the developer proposes should become part of our perimeter, and by agreement to be entered into the ZHOA and said phases will share common guarding and security processes.

iii) Per the relevant servitude phases 4 and 5 will be entitled to unfettered access to the golf course, similar as with the ZHOA.

iv) Residents will note that Ambrose Lofts (which is similar in nature to phases 4 and 5) is effectively cut off from the golf course through an estate boundary, but with a future turnstile to be installed at the developer's expense, to allow access for residents of Ambrose Lofts to the golf course. Access and the like will be controlled by the ZHOA security. To this end certain agreements need to be finalized with the developer. The major difference between phases 4 and 5 and Ambrose Lofts is that Phases 4 and 5 will have 24 hours manned access from Ashwood, whereas Ambrose Lofts will not have manned access to said development. It was for this reason that the ZHOA opposed the Ambrose Lofts development and eventually an agreement was reached for access through a turnstile and the development fenced off from the Estate.

v) Stand 1024 – the Bowling Green stand – the developer wishes to erect 5 high spec houses on the bowling green, either through the sale of a building package or outright sale of a sub-divided stand. At this stage the developer has applied for the rezoning of Stand 1024 from sport and recreational to residential 1. There are approximately 80 residents of the Estate who have filed opposition to the rezoning. The ZHOA has not filed opposition, but is concerned with entry of heavy vehicles and workers through Hagen Greens for the next five years. The ZHOA would want any future development, if approved by the City Council, to occur through Stymie, through a separate contractor's gate and the development properly fenced off from the Estate. It is noted that Stand 1024 is part of the ZHOA and cannot be seen as an unincorporated erf. Once the property is rezoned to residential, the owner is obliged to pay levies. Whether on 5 stands or on one large stand is yet to be determined.

vi) Clubview X117 situated next to Otway Close and Ambrose Lofts – the ZHOA is struggling to finalize an incorporation agreement with the developer of X117. Once this is finalized the two residences envisaged on X117 should be built within 24 months.

3. General

i) As the Estate ages the infrastructure of the Estate needs increased upkeep and certain ZHOA assets need upgrade and/or replacement, having reached end of life. To this end a detailed investigation has been conducted with costings, to allow future budgets to cater for a short, medium and long term asset, infrastructure and maintenance and replacement plan.

ii) The Estate Manager will henceforth publish the ZHOA Financial Management Report on the ZHOA website to allow residents the opportunity to see how their levies are spent. Future budgetary items will obviously only be presented at the next AGM.

iii) Note that the monthly directors' meeting minutes and draft AGM minutes will be published for your comments as well.

iv) Owners are urged to manage water usage and leaks.

v) Feedback was received from owners after an email questionnaire was sent in relation to the pilot project relating to smart meters and prepaid electricity meters. The consensus is that smart meters will not be allowed at this stage and that prepaid meters will require an intermediary supplier, which will create an additional expense for the ZHOA. The ZHOA is not prepared to carry such additional expenditure at this stage.

I trust you find the above report in order and you are welcome to address queries to the Estate and Security Managers in relation to the above and other aspects of concern.


Werner Nolte



The estate remains in a sound financial position. A reminder to all residents that levies are payable in advance. The levy amount payable is R2249.00. Due to the fact that we are on a prepaid system with Tshwane Council we have to strictly manage our cash flow. We have the same regular offenders of late payments and we urge you please to consider your neighbours and the impact on the estate of this. Thank you to all those who are by far the majority who keep their accounts in good order. This contributes greatly to the successful management of the estate.
PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINANCE ENQUIRIES ARE MANAGED BY LORRAINE DE WET. Residents requiring statements for RICA purposes, clearance certificates, statements, etc. must please contact Lorraine De Wet on 012-654 7062 or email her at Make sure you give her the correct name and stand number to process your request.


Rule of the month

A. Flying of Drones:
Here are the 12 most important things you need to know about the rules in accordance with part 101 of Civil Aviation regulations.
1. You need to have a CAA approved and valid remote pilot licence as well as a letter of approval to operate the drone.
2. The letter of approval will be valid for 12 months. While you do not need to have these documents when buying a drone, the seller will have to make you aware of the requirements as stipulated in the SACAA regulations.
3. Drones cannot fly more than 400ft or 120m above the ground, nor within in 10km of an aerodrome.
4. Drones cannot be flown within 50m above or close to a person or crowd of people, structure or building – without prior SACAA approval. Nor can you fly drones adjacent to or above:
o a nuclear power plant
o a prison
o a police station
o a crime scene
o a court of law
o national key points
5. The rules do apply to toy aircraft or unmanned free balloons or other types of aircraft which cannot be managed on a real-time basis during flight.
6. You cannot use a public road for the take-off or landing of a drone.
7. You cannot use a drone in adverse weather conditions, where your view of the drone is obstructed since visual contact must be maintained with the RPA by the operator – unless in approved beyond visual line of sight or night operations.
8. Drones need to give way to all manned aircraft and should avoid passing over, under or in front of manned aircraft, unless it passes well clear and takes into account the effect of aircraft wake turbulence.
9. RPA pilots will be required to tune into the air traffic services for the controlled airspace they will be flying the drone, reporting co-ordinates to said traffic controllers – all flight activity also needs to be recorded in a logbook.
10. Drones cannot be used to transport cargo or make deliveries
11. Drones cannot tow another aircraft, perform aerial or aerobatic displays or be flown in formation or swarm;
12. All incidents involving an RPA must be reported, especially where there is any injury to a person; damage to property; or destruction of the RPA beyond economical repair.
The full details of the CAA Aviation regulations related to RPAS Part 101 can be found on


From the Desk of Louis van der Vyver (Developer)

We have been involved from Day 1 with the Zwartkop Golf Estate, which has blossomed and matured beyond our wildest dreams, into the lifestyle Estate it now is. Initially when we and Dale Hayes bought the property from Iscor, we could not have envisaged all the phases which have been built and developed (and are yet to be developed). 

When Dale and us decided to restructure our interest in Zwartkop Country Club, we agreed that land in phase 1 & 2 will be sold to our company Zwartkop Estates.
Over time more land was acquired and two companies were responsible for the developments, namely Zwartkop Golf Estate and Krisp Props 12.

Collectively we have the following projects to complete:
Nelson Woods. There are number of D4 stands and it is our intention to re-classify these stands to enable development. We have been successful with a few stands and are hopeful that we can find solutions for all the stands.
Ambrose Lofts. This development does not form part of the Estate. It was agreed that it would be wise to rather exclude the development for many reasons.
Bowling Greens. From the outset when we bought the Club from Iscor, it was envisaged that the bowls will be a temporary activity. For that reason, we agreed to buy the land with the intention to develop. Even our marketing plans of 2003 clearly indicated 13 cluster homes. We have considered all options and the least invasive and disruptive development will be the development of only 5 luxury homes, which we will develop and construct in a considerate and co-operative fashion, given the proximity of these stands to already developed properties.
• Lastly, Palmers Place. We used to call this development Phase 4 & 5. We have consolidated the land with the intention to develop 300 units. We had our fair share of dolomitic issues. It is easier to develop more unit on less footprints and the expensive costs of the foundations can be shared amongst a bigger base than a few units.
We are in the process to finalise the township application and this will be lodged soon. Council will review and then approve that we proceed with advertising. This will only take place in the beginning of 2018. After advertising, there will be the opportunity to object to the development.  

It is however our wish to engage with the ZHOA over the principle of incorporation or not. It is common cause in the new development that there will be 4 stands, which means 4 body corporates. All members will be obliged to join the Palmers Place HOA, who will be the owner of the 5th stand, the common property and used by all members of the 4 body corporates. These members will also be joining the Zwartkop Country Club to have access to the golf course under our servitude rights. 

However, it does simply not make sense for all these members to then also join the ZHOA, a fourth membership – we already have a complicated levy structure in the development (Body Corporate, Palmers Place HOA and Zwartkop Country Club Membership).

As we will have a common security zone (including the Estate and Palmers Place,) we propose that there should be an agreement between the Palmers Place HOA and the ZHOA. These new members should contribute to the general security, perimeter fence around the Estate as well as the camera infrastructure.
It would make sense that the same service provider for gate security and patrols should service all gates including Palmers Place, which will have its own access gate in Ashwood.
We as developer have been concerned for a long time that there is inequality in the levy profile. The owners of Sarazen View are paying pro rata too high a HOA levy. This has a detrimental effect on the market price of these units. It has created a depressed market from both a sales and rental perspective. We would like to see this corrected.
This is now the ideal opportunity to find a formula that is equitable and, with a contribution base from 300 new neighbours in addition to the existing ZHOA members, we believe we can calculate contributions which will spread the contributions more equally amongst the members and give you, ZHOA, a bit of a boost to your income. This extra income, you can use for whatever you want.

We have investigated a few models and want to propose the following two:
Model 1
This is simply an agreement between ZHOA and Palmers Place HOA which deals with the following contributions:
• Fence security or perimeter
• Camera network
• Guards at gates and patrols, including management.
• Administration (optional)
We need to find a formula to contribute and will also look at a phasing in formula.
Model 2
This is more complex but could have great potential in building communities.
We would have 4 Villages
Village 1 – Vardon Fairways, Hagen Greens, Jones Creek, Bowling Greens and Zwartkop Country Club that will form this village. There will be approximately 96 members plus the Club.
Village 2 – Snead Manor, Sarazen View and Kurkboom singel, - 134 members.
Village 3 – Nelson Woods, Otway Crescent and CV 117, +- 72 members
Village 4 – Palmers Place – 300 members.

Because each of these villages has a unique character, different types and sizes of facility and differing atmosphere, the idea is for these villages to be autonomous in their direct management of focussed expense, but for all costs of general security, perimeter fence, cameras and administration, to be managed centrally and collectively by ZHOA. Each Village will be able to decide on their own gate security, their direct perimeter fence and the issues of repairs and maintenance. The levy will consist of a Village levy and a Common levy. All members will contribute on the same basis to the common levy (including Palmers Place). It will be for the Village to decide the budget and the levy structure for their own members.
This will lead to a differentiation of levies between the villages according to the wishes of each village. Overall there will still be one security service provider and the ZHOA will look at the after the affairs of each village. Say Village 3 wants more guards and spend more money on gardens, it will be their prerogative.
We have run the numbers and based on the increased base, there could be a general lowering of levies, based on the current budgets. This is because there will be extra income from Palmers Place.
We would appreciate it if we can have input from you the members. Ideally, we want to reach an agreement of the common interest issues, the most important one the security before the advertising of the application commences.


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Security Report


From security we would like to report that there were no serious incidents reported during October 2017. Projects currently in process and near completion are the extension of the wall at block F Sarazen View Complex where suspects previously gained access. The wall is now completed and the upgrade of the new wall top electric fence installation will commence within the next few weeks. The new fingerprint readers will also be installed this week at the main gate entrance and phase 2 & 3 gates.

Security Tips
We have received numerous news reports in the media regarding a spate of armed robberies and hijackings at upmarket security Estates around Pretoria East and Centurion. Suspects follow residents from banks or grocery stores and then rob them of their belongings at the entrances of the Estates. These suspects are heavily armed and dangerous and it has been reported that at some Estates they crashed through boom gates and gardens to avoid spike barriers to gain access. Residents should always be alert when driving home and make sure you are not being followed. If you notice any suspicious behaviour of vehicles following you contact the security at the estate to alert armed response units or drive to your nearest police station. The suspects have been seen driving a white Mercedes Benz and have been targeting several Estates in the area. Please be vigilant and aware of your surroundings at all times especially during this time of the year.

Festive season security arrangements 
When going on holiday please ensure your doors and windows are always locked and the keys to your property is in the hands of someone you trust. Security alarms may go off and then someone needs to come and reset the systems.
Please ensure your pets are taken care of and don't leave them alone and unattended during the festive season. Dogs barking incessantly is a nuisance and punishable with a penalty.

Golf course rules
We have received complaints from the Club that residents walk or jog on the golf course during times when golfers are on the course playing. The rules stipulate that residents are allowed access to the golf course but only during reasonable times which is:
Mornings - between 05h00 AM and 07h00 AM when the first golfers start teeing off and then during late afternoons.

Afternoons - After 18h00 when the last golfers leave the course. Residents are requested to please abide by these time frames.

Dogs – Dogs on the golf course after hours must please have leashes on and not be allowed to run freely. Residents who walk their dogs are also responsible to pick up their dog excrements. There are several complaints from the club that residents don't clean up after their dogs.

Employee of the month:
Our employee of the month of October is Morris Mantlane. His hard work and good work attendance has proved to earn him the award of employee of the month. We congratulate him on his achievements.

Security Greetings

Morné Lindeque
Operations Manager

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