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The Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA

Dear Residents

Herewith my last news clip of the year before we break for the festive season. Please enjoy your holidays, keep safe and trust see you in good health in the New Year.

Board position
We would like to welcome and thank Hannes Struyweg who joined our Board. Hannes brings loads of knowledge and experience with him and we are therefore delighted to have him on board.
The ZHOA is still looking for more residents willing to help and serve on the Board.

Thanks for the many compliments we received on the entrance upgrades we completed. We are now giving the internal entrances attention and hope to make a difference there as well.
May we ask you to please look at your own gardens and cut the grass before leaving for the holidays.

Dolomite management
The lightly sagged road in Jones Creek will now be fixed after the Board approved the proposed solution and cost.

New construction
There are currently 10 houses being renovated or built.

Bicacon, the construction company that owns the first property on the left as you enter Nelson Woods has completed the demolishment of the old house and the cleaning of the stand. Plans and ideas for the development of the stand will be shared with the Board in the new year.

Hagen Manor
The contract with the developer of the five new stands in Hagen Greens is approaching finalisation. Werner Nolte, our Chairman spent a huge amount of time on the contract making sure all aspects are covered to ensure a smooth and hassle free development. Thanks to our Chair.

New Ashwood (next to Nelson Woods) development
The office received a letter from the developer's town planner that is setting out certain amendments to the proposed development. The next phase is the arbitration process by the Council that will take place in the middle of 2019 when the development will be either approved, rejected or permitted to go ahead with certain changes.

Fibre for Jones Creek, Vardon Fairways and Hagen Greens
Open Serve, the fibre cable installers have started the installation of the fibre facility. Yes it is messy but we request to please be patient as we will fix, repair and clean the affected area afterwards. The bad news is that the trunking will be completed by year end but that the installers will only return in the New Year to complete the project.

We successfully replaced the current operating system with the improved Flir system and all the benefits associated with the switch-over were achieved.

We changed the control procedures as far as the protection of residents on the golf course is concerned. A guard is now present on the south side of the golf course between 5h00 and 7h00 and 17h00 and 19h00. Please report any incidents or observations so further improvements can be made by our Operations Manager.

We are also continuously working on many smaller issues to improve the overall security in and around the Estate.

Sale and rental of houses
During the month one house was sold and 5 houses were rented out. The selling price was just under R12k per square meter.

Do you know?
The Memorandum of Incorporation and the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act are both defined as founding documents. The founding document is the sole governing document of the organisation and covers the management, conduct and aesthetic rules and regulations. These rules must be followed by its members, the board representing the members and the management of the organisation.

The founding document fulfils an extremely important function where disputes arise amongst members and/or between members and the Board. It is the 'bible' of the organisation and should be respected as such by all parties. Be aware that the founding document cannot contradict any statute law as statute law overrules the founding document where there is conflict. Changes to the founding documents needs a 75% majority vote at a special general meeting or an annual general meeting.

Our MOI has been updated recently and approved at the May 2018 AGM and can be accessed on our website at

Regards, and until the next time.

Rob Wesseloo 
Estate Manager


Similar to last month, this month's snippet comes from Attachment B (Rules), as contained in the Estate's Memorandum of Incorporation:
B. Streets, Sidewalks and Open Spaces
1. The streets of the Estate are intended for vehicular and pedestrian traffic by all Occupants. Drivers of motor vehicles do not have a preferential right of use and are obliged to afford all other users of roads an equal use right
2. The speed limit is restricted to 40 km per hour. Save for the above, the applicable Gauteng Road Traffic Ordinance or similar legislation shall be and remain in force.
3. Parents are obliged to ensure that their children do not play in the streets. Drivers of motor vehicles are obliged to take special care while driving so as to allow for the possible presence of people in the streets.
4. Engine powered vehicles are not allowed to drive anywhere except in the streets. Vehicles are not allowed in public spaces, on Common Property or on pavements or sidewalks, save in designated parking areas.
5. Parking on side-walks and in the streets is not allowed.
6. Where there are no sidewalks, the streets are for the use of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians. All users are to take special care as the streets are quite narrow. Pedestrians will at all times have right of way and may utilize the road as passage.
7. The use of motorcycles or other vehicles with noisy exhaust systems is prohibited.
8. Bicycles, motorcycles and/or skateboards are prohibited from using cart paths and/or walkways or jogging paths on the golf course, and may only be used on the streets or sidewalks.
9. Unlicensed drivers will not be allowed to drive a vehicle on the Estate roads under any circumstances.
10. With the exception of golf carts, unlicensed vehicles or vehicles that are not roadworthy are not allowed to be driven on the Estate. The minimum required age for driving a golf cart on the Estate is 16 years.
11. Operating any vehicle in such a manner as to constitute a danger or a nuisance to any other person or property is prohibited.
Resident's attention is specifically drawn to section B2 regarding the general speed limit of 40 km/h on all roads in the Estate, as well as B10 prohibiting the driving of golf carts by children under the age of 16. Please adhere to these (and all other) Estate Rules to protect and enhance the secure and superior quality lifestyle we all enjoy in our Estate.

The MOI, Rules and Aesthetic, Architectural and Planning guidelines are available from the ZGE website. Please visit us at

Marcel Theron
Director: Aesthetics

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Finance Enquiries

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINANCE ENQUIRIES ARE MANAGED BY LORRAINE DE WET. Residents requiring statements for RICA purposes, clearance certificates, statements, etc. must please contact Lorraine De Wet on 012-654 7062 or email her at  Make sure you give her the correct name and stand number to process your request.

Estate Contact details

Estate Manager 

Rob Wesseloo |

Office Administrator and Accounts 
Lorraine de Wet |

Operations Manager and Security 
Morné Lindeque |

Newsletter Advertisements and Contributions
Chantelle Kotzé |    

For Urgent Security Matters 
Morné Lindeque on 083 778 8704

Estate Office - 012 654 7062 
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Nelson Woods Gate - 012 654 5143
Snead Manor Gate - 012 654 4067
Security Cell - 084 077 0941
Country Club reception - 012 654 1144
Golf Bookings - Contact the Pro Shop at 012 654 2111 

Emergency Numbers

Wierda Bridge Police Station | 012 685 0015

Metro Police | 012 358 7088

Ambulance | 10177 

 Unitas Hospital | 012 677 8000

Fire Brigade | 012 310 6300 | 10177

Municipality | 012 671  7211

Burst Water Mains | 012 358 3716 or 012 358 2111 (24 h) 

Electrical | 012 358 9999 

Sewerage  012 427 7111

Garbage Removal | 012 308 0557 

SPCA | 012 664 5644/5

Street Lights 080 11 11 770 (Toll Free)

Security Report


We are happy to report no serious incidents occurred during November 2018. Our security systems and procedures are in place and in good operational condition. We urge residents to keep their properties safe over the festive season and please arrange for your pets to be taken care of. Our security personnel will be on high alert at all times to keep the Estate safe as possible. We wish you all a safe and prosper festive season and drive safe to your holiday destinations.

Security procedures for after hour's arrival at the gates

As mentioned before please follow the procedures when arriving late after hours at the gates by calling the security gates in advance or if you feel safe to stop at the gates and use the intercom system outside you are also welcome to do so.

Visitor management App
We recently sent out a notification to all residents to please change to the new app called "RESIDENTRY” it works exactly the same as the Open Item App it just looks a bit different. There are no changes in the procedures it all stays the same. You can download the app with the link.

Employee of the month
Our employee of the month is Brendon Louw. His overall work performance is very good and his attendance record is outstanding. Brendon is also very friendly and helpful. We congratulate him on his achievements.

Security Greetings

Morné Lindeque

Operations Manager

Club News

Zwartkop Nite Race series

Race 2 in the Zwartkop Nite Race Series takes place on Wed, 12th December with Race 3 taking place on Wed, 16th January.
We have a 5km or 10km option and the emphasis is on FUN so you are welcome to walk or run!
Pre-entries can be done online via or late entries prior to the race (with a R30 penalty fee).

New Contact Number for Baldovino's Deliveries on the Estate

Take note of the new telephone number for delivery orders on the estate – 066 274 

Ephraim's Car Wash

Ephraim is now available to wash your car at Zwartkop on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
Please support him – you will find him (easily identifiable in his orange jumpsuit) in the car park!

Tuesday is Half Price Pizza Night at Zwartkop 

Order whatever pizza you like off the menu and you will only be charged half price. 
Kids are welcome to make their own pizza's. From 17h00 & T's & C's apply including no take-aways!

Friday Cocktails & Jokers Wild Draw

Join us every Friday afternoon for cocktails and live music. The Jokers Wild Card Draw gets done at 18h30 sharp.
You can buy 1 ticket for R20 or 6 for R100 and the pot will keep growing if the winner doesn't pick the joker!
As of 3rd December the pot currently stands at R6380!

On Friday, 21st Dec we'll have a special Christmas themed evening with a Father Christmas handing out a small goodie bag to any kids that are present. We'll have scrumptious gammon rolls on sale and a Santa's Beard cocktail to get you into the festive spirit.

Junior Golf over the Holidays

We have an offer for our young golfers, which will keep them entertained on the golf course over the holidays.
Call the golf shop for details or bookings on (012) 654-1144 / 2111

New Year's Eve

IF you are home for New Year and looking for something casual but fun to be a part of, feel free to join us.
We'll be hosting a "bring & braai” and karaoke evening. You bring your own meat but we'll provide the fires and the sides.

Zwartkop Hair Salon

Call (012) 654-1144 or 076-61081 for hair appointments &

(012) 654-1144 / 082-695-0427 for beauty salon bookings.

Registered Estate Agents

There are a number of estate agents who have met the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental units on the Estate and upon which an estate agent is allowed entry upon the Estate for such purposes. The detail of such estate agents are as below. Where an estate agent who is not listed below, is mandated by a member to sell his/her property, the ZHOA will require the estate agent to meet the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental nits on the Estate and will levy an administration fee to the Member concerned.

The following agencies are available for sales and rentals at the Estate:

Yvette Hutton 
083 299 8886

Magda Uys 

Tronel van der Sluys 
082 323 5447 

Tanya vd Berg
084 460 2019

Ena Jacobsen
084 400 7342

Marjory Rault 


Dianne J v Rensburg
082 364 7946

Mariandl Pelser
082 338 4819

Tracy Keyter 
082 928 8219

Lynette Dewing
083 225 6903

Rayner J van Vuuren
082 461 3751

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