Newsletter September 2018

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From the Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA

 A word from the Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA Chairman 

Good day to all members,

The past two months have been tumultuous in the estate.

Water leaks occurred which caused some subsidence and significant damages to owners and our boundary wall. As a result we implore all owners to act responsibly with the use of water. Check regularly for water leaks and make sure that your home owner's insurance covers subsidence or sink holes. If not, you are going to lose your house without ever recovering from your insurance.

Our estate manager, Irene Du Plessis has also resigned, effective 01 September 2018. We thank her for all her hard work and effort she put in to sort out the administration of the estate office, gardens and the like. She put in a lot of effort and we will surely miss her. Good luck to you Irene and may your future be bright.

We have been lucky enough to again procure the services of Mr Rob Wesseloo who have started as estate manager from the 27th of August 2018. 

The developer of Stand 1024 is waiting for final approvals for the rezoning and subdivision of Stand 1024. The board is still in process negotiating a development agreement with the developer. It is noted that most stands will simply be sold off, and the HOA will then deal with the new owners as and when transfer occurs. It is noted that the whole development might have to be fenced off to avoid danger and risk. This will certainly create an eye sore to some owners in Hagen Greens. Hopefully, if approvals are obtained, construction will commence and finalize quickly.


Werner Nolte

 From the Desk of Rob Wesseloo 

Dear Residents,

Thanks for the warm welcomes I received from all of you. It is good and exciting to be back with heaps of issues to get my hands dirty with.

I have set some priorities and these are:

· Finances. Understanding the figures, ensure they are correct, help Lorraine with a few issues, ensure that the necessary controls are in place and make certain the board get easy digestible financial reports.

· Security. Together with Morné I am preparing a risk analysis and mitigation plan on our total security systems, infrastructure and procedures. This apparently, is long overdue and the Board is awaiting the report to make the final decisions on required short and medium term upgrades. It also helps me to understand all the security aspects again.

· Utility management as well as the dolomite management aspects of especially the water supply system.

· Getting to know the business and all the things at play in our Estate again and knowing the changes that took place since I left.

It is good to be back albeit mornings only, but be assured that me and my team will get the estate running at the expected levels as soon as we can.

Robert Wesseloo
Estate Manager


The estate remains in a sound financial position. A reminder to all residents that the new adjusted levies have been implemented and payable in advance. The levy amount payable is R 2463.50. Due to the fact that we are on a prepaid system with Tshwane Council we have to strictly manage our cash flow. We have the same regular offenders of late payments and we urge you please to consider your neighbours and the impact on the estate of this. Thank you to all those who are by far the majority who keep their accounts in good order. This contributes greatly to the successful management of the estate.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINANCE ENQUIRIES ARE MANAGED BY LORRAINE DE WET. Residents requiring statements for RICA purposes, clearance certificates, statements, etc. must please contact Lorraine De Wet on 012-654 7062 or email her at Make sure you give her the correct name and stand number to process your request.

 Snippets from Aesthetics, Architectural and planning guidelines 

By Marcel Theron – ZHOA Director: Aesthetics

Pergolas and louvre deck roofing systems

We as South Africans are known to enjoy the indoor-outdoor lifestyle, and invariably a house would include a patio or stoep, usually for braai purposes. As the spring approaches, so does the outdoor lifestyle become more prominent, and together with that, the need to improve our outdoor spaces. Every now-end-then a resident enquires about the rules regarding pergolas and louvre decking systems.
Section 3.5.4 of the Aesthetical, Planning and Architectural Guideline is quite clear on pergolas:
• Pergolas must be constructed in natural hardwood or mild steel IPE sections and supported on either timber, steel or brick columns where brick columns may not be less than 345mm x 345mm square and are limited to the ground floor only.
• Pergolas to balconies at attic level must be in planed and varnished timber or mild steel IPE sections
• Pergolas may not, at any stage in the future, be covered with any form of permanent or semi-permanent roof covering and may not, in the future, be closed in on any open side of the structure by either a permanent or semi-permanent walling method or walling system.
• The design and layout as well as the proposed position of the pergola on a stand must be indicated on relevant drawings and must be submitted to the HOA's Aesthetic Committee for their approval.
• The maximum total floor area (m2) of a pergola may not exceed 36.0 m2.
• The total height of a pergola may not exceed 3.06m or 36 standard brick courses.

Please note the following inclusions and exclusions:
General Inclusions:
• Horizontal folding/sliding canvas shade systems,
• Plain colour canvas.
Specific Exclusions:
• Decorative wrought iron, mild steel or cast aluminium e.g. Victorian "Brookie Lace”,
• Gum pole pergolas,
• Black Wattle pole covering,
• Any type of roof sheeting or roof covering,
• Fixed or fold-away aluminium awnings,
Section 3.4.7 addressed aluminium louvre decking systems, as follows:
The "Louvre Deck” roofing system, or similarly approved, will be considered and the approved louvre deck roofing system must comply with the following:
• NO freestanding Louvre Deck systems will be allowed. The proposed louvre deck installation must completely join or fully connect to the existing structure along at least two full sides of the louvre deck system.
• The louvre deck installation may never be enclosed by means of doors or windows, not from the onset or even at a later stage.
• The maximum area such a louvre deck roofing system may cover is 40m2.
• The flooring system to such a louvre deck system must be of a permanent nature such as a floor slab with screed and a final tile or colour pigmented screed finish.
• All steel columns, typical to the construction of a louvre deck roof, may not be visible and must be encased in a brick column, minimum 330mm x 330mm in dimension. The columns must be plastered and painted in the same colour scheme as the rest of the dwelling. The columns may also be clad with HOA approved natural stone cladding.
• The facia or barge board, typical to the construction of a louvre deck roof, may not be visible and must be covered by a fibre cement or wooden facia, minimum 330mm in width as to ensure that as little of the louvre deck system will be visible from underneath when viewed from a distance.
• The facia board must be painted in the same colour scheme as the rest of the dwelling.
• All electrical work such as new light fittings and plug points must be installed by a registered electrician.
• All rainwater gutters must be hidden behind the abovementioned facia and may not be visible.
• Rainwater down pipes must be encased in the 330mm x 330mm (minimum dimensions) columns and the Owner must ensure that all storm water is managed effectively and channelled away from any adjacent structure(s).

Please note that the Owner must apply to the HOA's Aesthetic Committee for approval for the installation of any pergola or louvre deck system and the Owner must supply a detailed site plan clearly indicating the correct position of the new structure as well as the relevant elevations to indicate how the new structure, with the prescribed columns and facia boards will integrate into the existing look of the dwelling. The Owner must have HOA approval before a pergola of louvre deck roofing system, or similar, may be constructed.
The Aesthetic, Architectural and Planning guidelines is a document available from the ZGE website.

Estate Greetings

Home Owners Association
Zwartkop Golf Estate

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Security Report


On Sunday, 22 July a vehicle was unfortunately stolen from the Club House parking area during a golf day. The suspects entered the Estate through the main gate posing as visitors to the Club and were scanned in through the normal procedures. The suspects managed to steel the vehicle from the parking bays and drove out with the stolen vehicle by tailgating behind another vehicle. The vehicle was reported stolen and fortunately it was later recovered by Tracker and SAPS in Soshanguve.

There are many challenges which we as security of the Estate face when it comes to visitors to the Club as access cannot be controlled further than basic identity checks for the driver. This makes it close to impossible to confirm each and every visitor who goes to the Club on a daily basis. We are however still dedicated to do our best in keeping the Estate as safe as possible. The ZHOA are looking into different possibilities to better safeguard the Estate in terms of these challenges.

Employee of the month

Our employee of the month is Patrick Manganye who is one of our control room operators. Patrick is very well trained on the CCTV system as well as the access control system and goes the extra mile when it comes to service delivery. He has started to empower himself on the technical side of the systems by learning from the technicians and this has proven to be very helpful and effective. Patrick is very dedicated in his work and he treats people very professionally and also puts a smile on their faces. We congratulate him on his achievements.

Security Greetings

Morné Lindeque

Operations Manager

Club News

Operation River Clean-up & Music on the Green – 15th September

We are grateful for the enthusiasm shown by our members and homeowners with regards to the river. As we all know this is a massive problem with litter constantly coming down the river faster than it can be removed. A quarterly "clean-up” has been suggested and we will certainly support that.

Join us on Saturday, 15th September for Operation River Clean-Up and Music on the Green.
We will meet at the clubhouse at 07h00 for a rusk & cup of coffee on the house and then spend the morning cleaning up specific sections of the river. Wear closed shoes and bring along gloves as well as a roll of black bags.

Then join us again at the clubhouse from 13h00 for free live Music on the Green.
We'll have three bands playing over the afternoon.

New Contact Number for Baldovino's Deliveries on the Estate

Take note of the new telephone number for delivery orders on the estate – 066-274-1315.

Get your kids into golf – The game of a lifetime!

Elsabe Hefer and Justin Godfrey offer seriously fun junior lessons at Zwartkop for ALL AGES & ALL LEVELS. The emphasis is all on fun and learning the game early will ensure that it is a sport they will be able to play for the rest of their lives! Call Elsabe to discuss all the options available on 082-922-8408.

Tuesday is Half Price Pizza Night at Zwartkop 

Order whatever pizza you like off the menu and you will only be charged half price.
Kids are welcome to make their own pizza's.
From 17h00 & T's & C's Apply including no take-aways!

Zwartkop Hair Salon

This month's special in the hair salon is aimed at men!

Call (012) 654-1144 or 076-659-1081 for hair appointments & (012) 654-1144 / 082-695-0427 for beauty salon bookings.

Biokinetics at Zwartkop

Please follow this link for more information about Ninke, new addition to the Coetzee & Brand Biokinetics team. 

Registered Estate Agents

There are a number of estate agents who have met the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental units on the Estate and upon which an estate agent is allowed entry upon the Estate for such purposes. The detail of such estate agents are as below. Where an estate agent who is not listed below, is mandated by a member to sell his/her property, the ZHOA will require the estate agent to meet the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental nits on the Estate and will levy an administration fee to the Member concerned.

The following agencies are available for sales and rentals at the Estate:

Yvette Hutton 
083 299 8886

Magda Uys 

Tanya vd Berg
084 460 2019

Ena Jacobsen
084 400 7342

Marjory Rault 


Dianne J v Rensburg
082 364 7946

Mariandl Pelser
082 338 4819

Tracy Keyter 
082 928 8219

Lynette Dewing
083 225 6903

Rayner J van Vuuren
082 461 3751

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