Newsletter November 2018

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The Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA

Dear Residents

For easy reading I have created headings in the report this month and I trust this does help a little.

Board position
We are still looking for a resident that we can co-opt onto the Board of directors. The person we are looking for is someone willing to assist with the Environmental and Communications portfolios. The terms of reference (what is expected of the Board member) can be sent to interested residents.

May I use this opportunity to thank those Board members that have made themselves available to serve as directors of the ZHOA. We owe them a big thank you for the effort and time they put in to ensure the home owners association remains on the right track and improves its operations in line with the longer term view and plans.

As you might have noticed, we are doing our best to beautify the gardens and started with the main entrance this month. Once the entrances are improved we will the tackle the most needed areas and areas which are most noticeable in the estate.
May we ask you to look at your own gardens as well please and ensure lawns are mowed and weeds removed from the sidewalks and paving. Some gardens are a bit of an eye sore and does need attention. Please keep scaling down on water use in line with the City of Tshwane's appeal.

Dolomite management

Your monthly check for possible leaks and other water problems forms part of the program. We do not expect you to return the completed forms but we do ask to please take some time to complete these lists. Please enquire at the Estate office.

We have now installed loggers on all the bulk meters and these are read by Stopleak, our leak detection service provider, on a daily basis. Their systems will warn us of any possible leaks or access usage on a daily basis.

New construction
There are currently four new houses under construction with several home owners that are renovating and enlarging their homes. The office ensures that owners and builders keep to the construction rules but unfortunately now and then something does go wrong and we therefore ask all residents to bear with us. You are also more than welcome to report continuous eye sores and irresponsible trespassing of our building rules for us to take the necessary steps.

Bicacon, the construction company that owns the first property on the left as you enter Nelson Woods has promised to demolish the old house further and to clean up the yard. Hopefully this will be completed before year end.

Hagen Manor
We met with the developer once again to resolve the last few issues between the ZHOA and the developer. Construction access to the stands is the only real sticky point outstanding and all other issues will be easily resolved once the answer to the access issue has been found. We will keep you informed and will let you know when the construction of services will commence.

Fibre for Jones Creek, Vardon Fairways and Hagen Greens
Open Serve, the fibre cable installers, visited us again and we signed off on the plans. We are now waiting for the announcement of the start date and time lines for completion. We hope it can be done this year but if not then early 2019.

The Board approved the purchase and installation of a new operating system for our CCTV system. An upgrade of the existing system is necessary to ensure good and reliable camera interpretation and management. The Board took the decision to replace the current operating system with an improved system. This decision was taken after many months of deliberation and doing plenty of comparisons. The de-installation of the old and the installation of the new system will commence in November.

We are approaching the holiday season and we ask everyone to be vigilant during these times. We will be extra watchful ourselves but please be alert and lock your doors and close your windows where possible.

Sale and rental of houses
During the quarter which ended October 2018 two houses were sold in the Estate and one house was rented out. The average selling price was just over R14k per square meter.

New residents
We welcome the family Graaf, Hanekom, Tselane and Naidoo to the Estate. May your new purchase bring you an abundance of joy and happiness.

Did you know?
There are over 6500 residential communities is South Africa with more than 5 million people living in them. The residential communities are either housed in a Home Owner's Association HOA or a Body Corporate. (BC)

A HOA is characterised by full title right properties with its own infrastructure, accommodated in a non-profit company where the Company's Act applies, you automatically become a member when you buy a house and you contribute towards the maintenance of the infrastructure by way of a levy.
Strict building and conduct rules as well as management rules apply which is all part of the HOA Memorandum of Incorporation. Members appoint directors to take care of their interests.

A BC is characterised by sectional title rights of the properties owned by members with their own infrastructure which is maintained through levies being paid by members. Your sectional title rights are regulated and managed in accordance with the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act (STSMA) and the Sectional Titles Act (STA) which incorporate all the relevant rules. Sectional title ownership gives you ownership of the inside of the property with all the external property (communal) being shared by the members. Trustees are chosen to look after the interest of members.

Rob Wesseloo 

Estate Manager


This month's snippet comes from Attachment B (Rules), as contained in the Estate's Memorandum of Incorporation:

G. Good Neighborliness

1. No business, activity or hobby, which causes aggravation or nuisance to fellow Occupants, may be conducted, including but not limited to auctions and jumble sales.

2. Residents who wish to conduct any business or profession on the Estate must obtain the written approval of the ZHOA and will pay additional Levies, if approved.

3. The volume of music or electronic instruments or other sources of noise and partying should be restricted to a level or should take place in such manner as not to be heard on adjoining Units. The City Council Regulations pertaining to noise, including noise created by domestic animals, shall apply insofar as these Rules do not deal with same. Residents are required to lower decibels even further after 13h00 on a Sunday, 23h00 on a Saturday and 22h00 on all other days.

4. The use of power saws, lawn mowers, and the like (electric mowers are preferred), should only be undertaken between the following hours on Mondays to Saturdays: 07h30 –18h00 and on Sundays only between 08h00 and 13h00.

5. Fireworks may not be set off within the Estate.

Resident's attention is specifically drawn to section G3 regarding party noise after the specified hours. Please adhere to these (and all other) Estate Rules to prevent being served with a hefty fine before Christmas!

The MOI, Rules and Aesthetic, Architectural and Planning guidelines are available from the ZGE website. Please visit us at

Marcel Theron

Director: Aesthetics

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Finance Enquiries

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINANCE ENQUIRIES ARE MANAGED BY LORRAINE DE WET. Residents requiring statements for RICA purposes, clearance certificates, statements, etc. must please contact Lorraine De Wet on 012-654 7062 or email her at  Make sure you give her the correct name and stand number to process your request.

Estate Contact details

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Rob Wesseloo |

Office Administrator and Accounts 
Lorraine de Wet |

Operations Manager and Security 
Morné Lindeque |

Newsletter Advertisements and Contributions
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For Urgent Security Matters 
Morné Lindeque on 083 778 8704

Estate Office - 012 654 7062 
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Nelson Woods Gate - 012 654 5143
Snead Manor Gate - 012 654 4067
Security Cell - 084 077 0941
Country Club reception - 012 654 1144
Golf Bookings - Contact the Pro Shop at 012 654 2111 

Emergency Numbers

Wierda Bridge Police Station | 012 685 0015

Metro Police | 012 358 7088

Ambulance | 10177 

 Unitas Hospital | 012 677 8000

Fire Brigade | 012 310 6300 | 10177

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Electrical | 012 358 9999 

Sewerage  012 427 7111

Garbage Removal | 012 308 0557 

SPCA | 012 664 5644/5

Street Lights 080 11 11 770 (Toll Free)

Security Report

We are happy to report no serious incidents occurred during October 2018. Although we strive to keep the Estate as safe as possible we advise all residents to please look at your security at home and increase your security measures as a safety precaution. Security in the Estate is a top priority and we want to assure residents that we do our best to keep the Estate as safe as possible within our powers.

Security procedures for after hours arrival at the gates
Due to the increase of reported hijackings in front of security Estates entrances we decided as a precaution to change the night arrival procedures at our entrance gates. Please follow these procedures to speed up the process of your entry into the estate when arriving late and the gates are closed. These procedures will prevent you from standing outside the gates waiting for the security guards to open up the gates and it will also make our guards less vulnerable to potential unidentified criminals.

Please note that the following procedures to be followed after hours when security gates are closed. These procedures are for your own safety and for the safety of our security personnel. Kindly assist us in following these procedures strictly:

The security gates close as follows:
• Main gate resident entrance and exit gates- 20h00 and all gates close 21h00.
• Snead Manor & Nelson Woods gates- Resident entrance gates closes at 19h00 and all gates close at 21h00.
Residents who arrive after 21h00 must get themselves a visitor's code on the Open Item visitors booking in system, phone the gate 5 minutes prior to arrival, give the visitors code and describe the vehicle (e.g. white Volkswagen Golf). The guard will check the visitor's code on our system and if confirmed, will wait for you at the gate to open.

Employee of the month
Our employee of the month is Miyelani Makhuvele. Miyelani has been with us from May 2018 and he has proven to be a very dedicated and outstanding employee. Miyelani is very friendly and hardworking and treats his fellow employees with respect. His work attendance is also excellent. We congratulate him on his achievements.

Security Greetings

Morné Lindeque

Operations Manager

Club News

Walking on the golf course…

Sorry to harp on about this but we continue to get complaints from golfers about children,
home owners and domestic workers who walk all over the golf course during times that golf is being played.

PLEASE educate the people in your home about the dangers of doing this and tell them when and where they are allowed to walk. They may not be on the golf course while golf is still being played. If you are out there and you come across golfers – they have the right of way. Stand back and wait for them to play past you before you cross or walk. This REALLY is to ensure your own safety.

New Contact Number for Baldovino's Deliveries on the Estate

Take note of the new telephone number for delivery orders on the estate – 066 274 

Zwartkop Nite Race Series

The Zwartkop Note Race Series with four events over the next four months. We have a 5km or 10km option and the emphasis is on FUN! Pre-entries can be done online via or late entries prior to the race (with a R30 penalty fee).


Wine Function - Thursday 22nd November
Save the date for the last wine function of the year, which will have an Italian theme.
We'll have more details next week…

Friday Cocktails & Jokers Wild Draw
We serve Friday Cocktails from 16h00 and the Jokers Wild Card Draw gets done at 18h30 sharp.

You can buy 1 ticket for R20 or 6 for R100 and the pot will keep growing if the winner doesn't pick the joker!

Get your kids into golf – The game of a lifetime!

Elsabe Hefer and Justin Godfrey offer seriously fun junior lessons at Zwartkop for ALL AGES & ALL LEVELS.

The emphasis is all on fun and learning the me early will ensure that it is a sport they will be able to play for the rest of their lives! Call Elsabe to discuss all the options available on 082-922-8408.

Tuesday is Half Price Pizza Night at Zwartkop 

Order whatever pizza you like off the menu and you will only be charged half price.
Kids are welcome to make their own pizza's.
From 17h00 & T's & C's apply including no take-aways!

Zwartkop Hair Salon

Call (012) 654-1144 or 076-61081 for hair appointments &

(012) 654-1144 / 082-695-0427 for beauty salon bookings.

Registered Estate Agents

There are a number of estate agents who have met the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental units on the Estate and upon which an estate agent is allowed entry upon the Estate for such purposes. The detail of such estate agents are as below. Where an estate agent who is not listed below, is mandated by a member to sell his/her property, the ZHOA will require the estate agent to meet the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental nits on the Estate and will levy an administration fee to the Member concerned.

The following agencies are available for sales and rentals at the Estate:

Yvette Hutton 
083 299 8886

Magda Uys 

Tronel van der Sluys 
082 323 5447 

Tanya vd Berg
084 460 2019

Ena Jacobsen
084 400 7342

Marjory Rault 


Dianne J v Rensburg
082 364 7946

Mariandl Pelser
082 338 4819

Tracy Keyter 
082 928 8219

Lynette Dewing
083 225 6903

Rayner J van Vuuren
082 461 3751

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