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The Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA

From the office of the Estate Manager

The garden upgrade at Snead Manor and Nelson Woods are close to completion. We trust that you will also find this a good improvement to the Estate. The trick is now to maintain the new gardens so it always look beautiful. We will also paint the guard houses to complete the project.

We are looking to obtain a garden master plan. This will set out our end product and what the gardens and sidewalks should look like in say 10 years' time and will enable us to work the plan yearly knowing that we are progressing towards the end product.

You have been notified of the water restrictions and we please ask you to keep to the rules. We adhere to them but please remember that our main gate uses borehole water and that the restrictions do not apply here. The two most important rules are:
• Water gardens before 06:00 or after 18:00 and only when necessary
• Use a broom instead of a hosepipe when cleaning driveways or patios

With regards to the dolomite risk management, the ZHOA strictly follows a monthly checklist in accordance with its Dolomite Risk Management Program. Your monthly check for possible leaks and other water problems forms part of the program. We do not expect you to return the completed forms but we do ask to please take some time to complete these lists. The Board has also approved the extension of the water checks (flow meters and loggers) on the municipal bulk water meters to Snead Manor, Nelson Woods and Otway Crescent. We have done our Health and Safety training, upgraded the procedures and improved our checklist to ensure that we fully adhere to the OHS ACT.

Trees are continually interfering with walls, sewerage and storm water pipes. We ask you to please remove them well in advance before they cause damage. Remember that you will be held responsible for the cost caused by these trees as and when the Estate has to interfere.  

The bowling green development will commence soon after City of Tshwane has given the go ahead for the development. The installation of the bulk services such as water, sewerage etc., will be first on the list. We have come to an agreement on all the practical issues such as access, fencing off, walling etc. with the developer and this is covered in a contract between the parties.

Management has proposed its first short and medium term security upgrade plan to the Board. The report was well received and additional work now needs to be done on some critical issues before a final decision for implementation is taken. The Board however approved the entering into of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to maintain our new electric fence. We have also been given the go ahead to split the Residents Management System and the Visitors Management System SLAs. We will get a better service on both systems from the two service providers this way. We have appointed GIO Construction to execute the project. They have done the site survey and layout and should start soon with the actual installation.

Thank you all for settling your accounts, both levies and utilities, so promptly. This makes Lorraine's job so much easier.

The part of the road in Jones Creek that has subsided a little is getting attention. We had the contractor out and we are awaiting his quote before we are able to go ahead with the repair.

We will be cleaning the storm water drains this month. Johan Marais has accepted the challenge and we therefor do not have to contract out the job. Thanks to Johan.

And now last but not least. We would like to co-opt an owner to the Board that is willing to assist with the Environmental and Communications portfolios. The terms of reference are available at the office so you can see what the position entails. Please ladies this is an opportunity to come and join the Board and have some fun.

Rob Wesseloo
Estate Manager


The estate remains in a sound financial position. A reminder to all residents that the new adjusted levies have been implemented and payable in advance. The levy amount payable is R 2463.50. Due to the fact that we are on a prepaid system with Tshwane Council we have to strictly manage our cash flow. We have the same regular offenders of late payments and we urge you please to consider your neighbours and the impact on the estate of this. Thank you to all those who are by far the majority who keep their accounts in good order. This contributes greatly to the successful management of the estate.

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINANCE ENQUIRIES ARE MANAGED BY LORRAINE DE WET. Residents requiring statements for RICA purposes, clearance certificates, statements, etc. must please contact Lorraine De Wet on 012-654 7062 or email her at  Make sure you give her the correct name and stand number to process your request.

Estate Greetings

Home Owners Association
Zwartkop Golf Estate

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Estate Contact details:

Estate Manager - Rob Wesseloo -
Office Administrator and Accounts - Lorraine de Wet -
Operations Manager and Security - Morné Lindeque -
Newsletter Advertisements and Contributions - Chantelle Kotzé -

For urgent Operations / Security Matters - Call Morné Lindeque on 083 778 8704.

Estate Office - 012 654 7062 
Security Main gate - 012 654 9013
Nelson Woods Gate - 012 654 5143
Snead Manor Gate - 012 654 4067
Security Cell - 084 077 0941
Country Club reception - 012 654 1144
Golf Bookings - Contact the Pro Shop at 012 654 2111

Security Report

We are happy to report that no serious incidents occurred during September 2018. Security in the Estate is a top priority and we want to assure residents that we do our best to address the risks and challenges within our power.

Estate Rule
We want to remind all residents once again about the rules of barking dogs causing a nuisance in the Estate. Barking dogs can become an irritating issue especially when left unattended for long periods of time. The history of complaints regarding barking dogs shows that most dogs bark incessantly when the owners are away on vacation or gone for the weekend and are left unattended. We all know dogs bark when they detect movement around the streets or so but that's not the issue. The complaints arise when dogs bark incessantly for hours at a time and especially during the night. We therefore urge you to please respect your neighbours and ensure that your pets are left with someone who can attend to them when you are away. All pets must also have a tag with the address and owners name printed on it. We encounter pets roaming the streets and they have no identity tags on them. The ZHOA in such cases reserve the right to get an independent contractor to come and collect the pet and hand them over to the SPCA.

Employee of the month
Our employee of the month is Judy Mothwa. Judy has been with us for more than two years now and she is a hard worker and dedicated to her job. Her work attendance is excellent and she is someone who we can really count on. Judy is always very friendly and treats everybody with respect. We congratulate her on her achievements.

Security Greetings

Morné Lindeque

Operations Manager

Club News

Your Safety is our Concern …
We have had a few complaints from golfers that homeowners are out on the golf course while golf is still in play. Please understand that this is a plea for you to respect the danger that this presents to you, your children and your domestic staff. Being hit by a golf ball can cause serious injury. Non-golfers may not be on the golf course while golf is in play. 

In addition, children are playing on the greens and in the bunkers after hours, which is a problem for our maintenance staff and for the conditioning of the greens. Please instruct your children to stay away from the greens and the bunkers. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

New Contact Number for Baldovino's Deliveries on the Estate

Take note of the new telephone number for delivery orders on the estate – 066 274 

Stevie Nicks Tribute in Otways...

Get your kids into golf – The game of a lifetime!

Elsabe Hefer and Justin Godfrey offer seriously fun junior lessons at Zwartkop for ALL AGES & ALL LEVELS.

The emphasis is all on fun and learning the game early will ensure that it is a sport they will be able to play for the rest of their lives! Call Elsabe to discuss all the options available on 082-922-8408.

Tuesday is Half Price Pizza Night at Zwartkop 

Order whatever pizza you like off the menu and you will only be charged half price.
Kids are welcome to make their own pizza's.
From 17h00 & T's & C's apply including no take-aways!

Zwartkop Hair Salon

Call (012) 654-1144 or 076-659-1081 for hair appointments &

(012) 654-1144 / 082-695-0427 for beauty salon bookings.

Biokinetics at Zwartkop

Please follow this link for more information about Ninke, new addition to the Coetzee & Brand Biokinetics team. 

Registered Estate Agents

There are a number of estate agents who have met the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental units on the Estate and upon which an estate agent is allowed entry upon the Estate for such purposes. The detail of such estate agents are as below. Where an estate agent who is not listed below, is mandated by a member to sell his/her property, the ZHOA will require the estate agent to meet the terms upon which estate agents may market for sale or rental nits on the Estate and will levy an administration fee to the Member concerned.

The following agencies are available for sales and rentals at the Estate:

Yvette Hutton 
083 299 8886

Magda Uys 

Tanya vd Berg
084 460 2019

Ena Jacobsen
084 400 7342

Marjory Rault 


Dianne J v Rensburg
082 364 7946

Mariandl Pelser
082 338 4819

Tracy Keyter 
082 928 8219

Lynette Dewing
083 225 6903

Rayner J van Vuuren
082 461 3751

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