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From the Zwartkop Golf Estate HOA

Fellow residents,

We welcome back all our members and wish you a prosperous and happy 2018.

There are two aspects I would like to raise in this month's newsletter:

1) The mandate of the board to address disputes between members:
The board is mandated to enforce the ZHOA Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) and the ZHOA Rules. Where a member transgresses the MOI and Rules, the Estate Management will deal with the transgression. Should a dispute arise between a member and the Estate Management, a formal dispute resolution process will be followed by the Board. It is noted that proper compliance by members with legislation and local government ordinances and bylaws forms part of the ZHOA MOI and Rules.

The question arises whether the board may intervene in disputes between neighbours in relation to, for example, leaves from overhanging branches clogging drains and swimming pools and the like. Insofar as such a dispute shows a clear transgression of the MOI and Rules, yes. If no transgression exists, the dispute is of a private nature and the board may request the disputing neighbours, in the interest of harmony and being good neighbours, to settle the issue as best possible and may assist. But note, that in such circumstance there simply exists no Rule to enforce and no clear transgression.

What I have realized over the years in relation to disputes between neighbours is that "good fences make good neighbours", avoiding unnecessary loud and selfish noise and music, respecting each other's privacy and erecting garden structures having regard to view and privacy diffuses such disputes and trimming your trees to avoid nuisance to your neighbours shows respect for those around you. You will go a long way to having good relations with your neighbour.

2) The development of Erf 1024:
The board has been requested by the developer and City Council to voice an opinion regarding the proposed rezoning of Erf 1024. The board is not intent on taking sides in disputes between members, simply because the developer (as member) and other members have competing interests.

Insofar as the proposed rezoning and development is not in conflict with the HOA's MOI and Rules, the board cannot merely oppose the request, simply because a substantial number of members might object to the proposed rezoning.
The board is of the view that the following should apply when the City Council considers the request of Zwartkop Estates (Pty) Ltd to rezone Erf 1024:
1) The Town Planning Scheme and development strategies of the City Of Tshwane, which needs to be considered and applied;
2) The desirability of the rezoning to Residential One and the requested density;
3) The fact that a number of the members of the HOA have filed objections to the proposed rezoning and development and the reasons for same; and
4) The fact that a petition was received from approximately 200 residents and members of the HOA, all of whom disapprove of the development; and
5) Once the above aspects and the wishes of the individual members and broader community have been considered, the contracted function of the ZHOA (ignoring for the moment the Bylaws imposed on the ZHOA) should also be considered. These functions are principally to protect the security of the residents of the Estate and to enhance the "lifestyle” as found in the Estate through security and aesthetic rules. The change of zoning from Sport and Recreation to Residential 1 would impact on the lifestyle aspect, but at the same time it is noted that the current zoning is private space and not public and that the owner of the property, Zwartkop Estates (Pty) Ltd, has to see to the upkeep and maintenance of the relevant property.
Having regard to the above, the board of the HOA would as a minimum request (if the various objections raised are not maintained) that the following condition be set for the approval of the rezoning and eventual development: That a development agreement to be entered into between Zwartkop Estates (Pty) Ltd and the HOA forming part of the rezoning application and as a condition for the eventual sub-division and future development being approved.
The agreement should address, inter alia, a bar of movement through Hagen Greens, the development being fenced off for the period of building works, entry through a contractor's gate in the Stymie Wall and the development being properly secured, not creating risks to other members.
It is noted that these aspect are yet to be agreed with the developer and considered at the relevant Tribunal. It is foreseen that the Tribunal will sit in February or March 2018 to consider the developer's request for rezoning.
Members' comments would be welcomed in this regard.



The estate remains in a sound financial position. A reminder to all residents that levies are payable in advance. The levy amount payable is R2249.00. Due to the fact that we are on a prepaid system with Tshwane Council we have to strictly manage our cash flow. We have the same regular offenders of late payments and we urge you please to consider your neighbours and the impact on the estate of this. Thank you to all those who are by far the majority who keep their accounts in good order. This contributes greatly to the successful management of the estate.
PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL FINANCE ENQUIRIES ARE MANAGED BY LORRAINE DE WET. Residents requiring statements for RICA purposes, clearance certificates, statements, etc. must please contact Lorraine De Wet on 012-654 7062 or email her at Make sure you give her the correct name and stand number to process your request.


Rule of the month

Country and Golf Club

1. Members of the ZHOA have access to all the social facilities of the Zwartkop Country Club. ("ZCC”) Clubhouse rules and dress code must be adhered to.
2. Members of the ZHOA are not by virtue of their membership of the ZHOA entitled to membership of the golf section or any other sport section of the ZCC. Members of the ZHOA may apply for membership of the ZCC in the ordinary course of events.
3. The ZCC is entitled to make rules that apply to members of that club, which will include members of the golfing and social sections of the ZCC.
4. Walkers, joggers, playing children and other non-golfers use the golf course at their own risk.
5. Picnicking on the golf course is not permitted.
6. Ball games may be played on the fairways and out of bounds areas after official golf hours, provided the golf course is not damaged. Tees, greens and bunkers are off limits for non-golfer Residents, their guests and casual members at all times.
7. Dogs are allowed on the golf course provided the Rules above are adhered to.
8. The golf course is off limit for engine-powered vehicles excluding golf carts. This applies to bicycles, scooters, skateboards as well.


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Security Report


The ZHOA would like to welcome everybody back from holidays and trust that you had a wonderful festive season with your families.  We wish you all a happy and prosperous 2018.

Security in General
The Estate encountered one incident of intrusion on 27 December 2017 at Nelson Woods where three suspects gained access through a precast wall situated behind the BICACON premises adjacent to the undeveloped land. Our security control room detected the suspects on CCTV camera while they were in the process of removing the precast wall panels to enter the Estate. The security responded immediately by alerting armed response units. On arrival the armed response assisted our guards in entering the BICACON premises and arrested one of the suspects. Two suspects managed to flee through the removed precast walls into the undeveloped land. No burglaries or any serious incidents occurred in the Estate due to the quick response of our security guards and the armed response unit.

Security upgrades
The ZHOA is in the process of installing the new wall top electric fence on Ashwood drive which runs from Sarazen View parking area all the way through on Ashwood drive boundary walls up to the BICACON premises in Nelson Woods. This new electric fence will also link up with the newly erected fence inside the lofts development adjacent to Ext 100 Otway crescent. The upgrade is expected to be completed within two weeks.
Part of the electric fence upgrade project is the installation of a new free standing electric fence around the northern boundary of the golf course stretching from Vardon Fairways up to Sarazen View flats as well as the area between Nelson Woods and the undeveloped land adjacent to the 7th tee of the golf course. This installation will commence as soon as the wall top fence is completed in January.
New fingerprint readers are now installed at all the entrances and we ask residents who encounter problems with their access to urgently contact us and come to the office to rescan their fingerprints on the new system.
The ZHOA will also install new boom gates at Nelson Woods and Snead Manor entrances as part of the security upgrades within the next few weeks.

Employees of the month

Richard Mahlangu


Emily Buthelezi

Control room Operat

Our employees of the month of January is Emily Buthelezi and Richard Mahlangu respectively for their excellent work relating to the intrusion incident in December 2017 that resulted in the arrest of one suspect and the prevention of a serious incident occurring in the Estate. Although it was a team effort from the shift we can really point out these two employees for their quick actions and strategic planning during the incident that bared positive results. We congratulate both of them for a job well done.

Security Greetings

Morné Lindeque
Operations Manager

Club News

  Wed, 14th February - Valentines PicNic
Treat your partner to a romantic evening under the stars….
Bookings essential – call Ina at Zwartkop Catering on (012) 654-1122 /

Wed, 21st February - Zwartkop Nite Race Series
Entries can be done online at or on the night prior to the start of the race

 Zwartkop Hair Salon
The Hair Salon hours are Mon to Fri from 07h00 to 18h00 (last appointments at 17h30); Sat from 07h30 to 14h00 & Public Holidays from 09h00 to 13h00.
Call (012) 654-1144 or 076-659-1081 for hair appointments & (012)654-1144 / 082-695-0427 for beauty salon bookings.

 The Lions are collecting Bicycles
If you have an old adults bicycle that you no longer need, please consider donating it to the Lions Club, a non-profit charity organization based here at the Club. They will refurbish it and give it over to someone who could really use it in our community. All you have to do is drop it off with Linda. You can contact Linda on (012) 654-1144 /

Tuesday is Now Half Price Pizza Night at Zwartkop 

Order whatever pizza you like off the menu and you will only be charged half price. Kids order off the kids menu too and also pay half price, plus they are welcome to make their own pizza's. From 17h00 & T's & C's Apply including no take-aways!

Elsabe Hefer for all your lesson needs whether you are a beginner, experienced or potential professional player.
We cater for anyone - children, ladies & gents! Call 082-922-8408

Biokineticists in the Zwartkop Gym

Contact Braam Brand - 084-099-5952 or Gavin Coetzee - 072-664-8911 who are both fully qualified and registered Biokineticists operating from the Zwartkop Gym. 
Practice Hours: Monday to Thursday - 05h00 – 07h00 & 16h00 – 20h00 and Friday's - 05h00 – 07h00 & 15h00 – 20h00

Registered Estate Agents

The following Estate Agents are registered to do Sales and Rentals in the Estate. These agents are committed to give outstanding service to Zwartkop Golf Estate Home owners and tenants. Please do not make use of any other non-registered agents to sell or rent your property. These agencies are available for sales and rentals at the Estate:

Yvette Hutton 
083 299 8886

Magda Uys 

Tronel van der Sluys
082 323 5447

Tanya vd Berg
084 460 2019

Ena Jacobsen
084 400 7342

Marjory Rault 


Dianne J v Rensburg
082 364 7946

Mariandl Pelser
082 338 4819

Tracy Keyter 
082 928 8219

Lynette Dewing
083 225 6903

Rayner J van Vuuren
082 461 3751

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